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The Best Gaming Glasses for Easing Your Eyestrain

Gaming glasses provide serious gamers with relief from eyestrain and dry eyes from extensive computer use. The glasses typically include features like soft tints, ergonomic design and lenses that sit close to the eyes to prevent moisture loss from evaporation. Gaming glasses work to minimize eyestrain in office workers and others who spend lengthy times in front of a screen....(more)

Relieving Your Eye Muscle Strain

Eye muscle strain is an annoyance at best. Sometimes eye strain is incredibly painful, infringing upon your daily activities. Usually eye strain causes include frequent reading, computer viewing or staring at small objects. When you use your eyes at work for close, constant screen viewing, you increase your chances of strain. Treat your eye muscle strain with these tips in mind and ease your symptoms as quickly as possible....(more)

Setting the Ideal Contrast and Brightness on Your Monitor to Reduce Eye Strain

Monitor brightness and eye strain sometimes go hand in hand. Fortunately for computer users, there are steps to take to put monitor-induced eye strain to rest. Setting the ideal contrast level is just one of many ways to relieve eye strain....(more)

Best Ways to Prevent Eye Strain When Working on Your Computer

In today's technology oriented world, most of us spend a great amount of time sitting at our computers answering emails, doing research, preparing reports, and many other tasks. Constantly staring at the computer screen all day puts a lot of strain on your eyes. There are many things you can do to prevent eye strain. Maintaining good eye health is extremely important if you want to prevent headaches and other problems associated with eye strain....(more)


Barefoot Running: Vibram FiveFingers Running Shoe Review

Vibram running shoes cling to your feet to mimic barefoot running. The FiveFingers design encases each toe in a layer of Vibram rubber allowing you to move and flex each toe individually. Robert Fliri invented Vibram FiveFingers shoes to encourage natural running form and draw wearers closer to nature while still wearing adequate protection for their feet....(more)

What Is On Your Feet? A Review of Vibram Shoes

The Vibram FiveFingers concept is minimalist in nature and rests on the basis that humans were already built to run, and that modern day shoes are in fact overprotecting the feet and making them complacent and weak. The FiveFingers concept claims that the traditional shoe design is unnatural for your feet and may be the cause of weakening of your feet and leg muscles and injury to your feet. Vibram addresses this issue with its FiveFingers, which has a design that incorporates a flexible and thin sole with little cushioning. This shoe also has five distinct toes, like a glove, for the most natural-feeling footwear without overly compromising protection....(more)

DIY Projects: Key Tips for Installing Double-sided Crown Molding

Double-sided crown molding is marketed as a special type of molding that makes it easier to achieve perfect corner cuts. In theory, double-sided crown molding allows you to obtain perfect cuts because the cut that you make on the molding results in two pieces that match up perfectly. To take advantage of this perfect cut, you only need to flip one of the pieces over. While this does sound good in theory, there are some issues that still need to be addressed when installing double-sided crown molding....(more)


Tips for Establishing Base Cabinet Dimensions

Base cabinets are cabinets found on the floor of a kitchen or other room, as opposed to hanging wall cabinets found above counters and other fixtures. Hanging wall cabinets is merely a matter of finding wall studs, hanging supports and making sure everything is level. Base cabinet dimensions are subject to all of these criteria as well as an additional factor: the floor. These tips explain how to account for the floor when building cabinets and avoid extra work....(more)

Tips for an Ergonomic Kitchen: Upper Kitchen Cabinet Specifications

Ergonomics can make any place where you spend a great deal of time moving and working healthier and more comfortable for you. In the kitchen, the counter, stove, sink, drawers and upper cabinets can all be designed with ergonomics in mind to prevent repetitive-use injury and other discomforts....(more)